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Mental Preparation


Reading Hajj / Umrah Literature and attending Hajj / Umrah Training Seminars

We recommend you to mentally prepare yourself for this journey by reading related material and attending training seminars. It is pertinent to highlight that Trip to Makkah conducts pre-hajj Seminars to prepare our pilgrims for Hajj mentally and spiritually. Following are few steps that need to be done before starting this Holy Journey : :



Physical Preparation


Daily Excercise

It’s important to understand that Hajj / Umrah requires considerable physical energy, performing daily excercise will help you to boost your stamina specifically in the form of sitting, standing, and walking. These excercise may include jogging, light walk, and prolonged walks. These excercise will help you to easily adapt to Hajj conditions.

What to Take Along?


  1. I’hraam

  2. Bath/Face towels

  3. Hairbrush, Toothbrush, Mouthwash, and Toothpaste

  4. Wet wipes

  5. Lip balm and Sunscreen cream

  6. Surgery face (mouth) masks

  7. Sandals/Slippers (used ones are preferable)

  8. Rennies, Imodium

  9. Vitamin tablets

  10. Pain killers: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen etc.,

  11. Travel sickness tablets

  12. Bunch of bandages/plasters

  13. Prescription medicine (as per your doctor’s prescription)

  14. Cash (that should cover your expenses)

  15. Black marker for labelling luggage



Some other considerations:


  1. Suitcase should be strong and of reasonable size
  2. Credit cards are accepted at most places, but AMEX card may not be
  3. Sunglasses – to keep your eyes safe from sunlight
  4. Waist pouch to keep money, passport, and other valuables
  5. Water bottle for refilling Water / Zamzam
  6. Umbrella
  7. Scissors if required – but should be packed within the check-in luggage only

What to Wear?



  1. I’hraam

  2. Any comfortable ethnic clothing

  3. Belt to safeguard passport, money, and other valuables

  4. Comfortable sandals/shoes




  1. Loose and comfortable clothes

  2. Comfortable sandals/shoes

  3. Abaaya


Health Guidelines




Please consult with your doctor, in case you have a medical condition, and get to know if you are fit to perform ‘Hajj / Umrah. Take required medication as per prescription of your doctor.


Diet and Hyderation


It is recommended to eat plenty of fresh fruit to keep your natural vitamin/mineral. Eating fruits and dates will keep your body glucose level balanced and will keep you energized for performing ibada's. Apart from eating fruits, drinking water / zamzam and Laban is also recommended to keep you hydrated.


Medical Assistance and Guidelines

Saudi authority appointed doctors with free consultation.
In Makkah these clinics are located at the following locations having red crescent signs:

In Madinah, Saudi German Hospital is located near Masjid Nabawi


Local Emergency Contact Numbers

  Ambulance: 997                                                                 

  Police: 999